Our R&D department proposes concrete solutions to the problems of different markets R & D objective . The design of new innovative products and processes are protected by patents and prefigure the solar thermal of tomorrow . This department with our researchers gives DAK INDUSTRIES a leading position in innovation. 

The use of the newest machinery improves the performance of proposed professional equipment. Engineers in R & D have the liberty to design new products ,all prototypes are in collaboration with our workshop leaders. Validation of rigorous and extensive testing ensures reliability and efficiency of our products.



Nearly 20 years of experience to private customers and companies, DAK INDUSTRIES is a manufacturing unit growing.
At the forefront of technology in the field of renewable energies, DAK Industries designs, manufactures and distributes tanks with heat exchangers for collective housing, high performance solar collectors and accessories hydraulic connection of a solar thermal installation.

DAK INDUSTRIES advises his customers on specific request. All companies have the assurance of being able to rely on a competent team, dynamic with a knowhow on this specific sector. Adapting the manufacturing desire of these customers demonstrates the adaptability of DAK INDUSTRIES to satisfy the professionals.


Our presence on the island of Reunion (French and European department), in the heart of the Indian Ocean, offers our customers the assurance of certified and licensed by the various European bodies products.
Different partnerships built over the years make DAK INDUSTRIES a major player on the international scene of this sector in the solar field.

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